Hinton Battle Stage Production 

Music producer and arranger for three time Tony Award winner Hinton Battle's stage production "Danzzze Dreams".


Artist and Performer for Scoge Fusion Residency in Ishikawa, Japan.

Karina Pasian

Songwriter of title track guitar ballad "Parallel World" for Grammy Nominated singer-songwriter Karina Pasian. 

Kool Keith 

Collaborator of Hip Hop Legend Kool Keith.  Wrote and recorded hooks and vocal arrangements.  

Dyemond Lewis

Collaborator of Dyemond Lewis of Pro Era.  Wrote and recorded hooks and vocal arrangements.

Gregori Lukas

Production for Singer/Dancer/Actor Gregori Lukas.  Drum programmer, vocal arranger, background singer, and music arranger.

Seth Kuhlmann

Production and arrangements for international model Seth Kuhlmann.  Composed electronic music, wrote lyrics, and acted as performance vocal coach.